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Happy Birthday Firefox!

9th November, 2009 is the 5th birthday for Firefox!

I remember the first time using 5 years ago.Ever since Netscape was kinda heavy and IE with its famous bug issues, I felt its time to move to another browser. My first try was Mozilla browser but it didn’t really catch my attention. And then came Firefox (also from Mozilla) with a simpler and friendlier interface. I tried to use it and guess what? its been my main browser ever since!

Okay, enough yapping on my side of story. Lets give them a birthday wish. 😉

Cookie monster ate google!

If you visit google page today, you will be surprised to see a cookie monster eating up the wording “Google”
which happens to be a cookie 😛 Well, don’t be scared.

It just google celebrating 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. For those who live by this show would definitely remember Big Bird (the big fat yellow bird), Elmo (a noisy non-stop talking dud), Oscar (the dude in the trash can).  These guys has been on air since year 1969. Thats 40 years.. so I might say Big Bird is a grumpy ol bird ➡

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WSOD: White Screen of Death

Have you heard about WSOD? or White Screen of Death. Well it sounds almost similar to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) which only happens to our most beloved yet addictive OS, Windows from Micro$oft. But in this case, WSOD refers to wordpress.

Yesterday, my blog suddenly appear as blank white screen. After hours of research and googling I finally found out the answer and ways to fix it. It usually happen when you perform auto upgrade to your wordpress.. also if you messed up with your plugins and themes (which I did :P).

Anyway, there are several ways to fix this and I will share the easiest way to do this in case it happen to you too:

Easy Method: Plugins
Normally a plugin can be the culprit. One way to quickly check to see if one of your plugins is problematic is to do the following:

  • Rename “plugins” folder TEMPORARILY to something else – I changed my plugins folder to “plugins_temp” and then tried the login page again and was able to see it, so, immediately I knew that I had an issue with one of my many plugins. Note that once you log into WordPress after renaming the plugin folder, WordPress will automatically disable ALL of your plugins as a safety precaution. The problem is, in order to do the next step, you need to remember which ones you had active. Be sure to change the name of your plugin folder back to its original name of “plugins”
  • Enable all your plugins at once – Once you are back in to the plugins section of the WordPress admin, and all of your plugins have been automatically disabled because of the step above, you can try this option by “bulk enabling” all of your plugins. WordPress “should” enable anything that doesn’t crash it and will disable any plugins that produce “fatal errors.” If any of your plugins are automatically disabled, they could be your culprit.
  • Enable plugins one at a time – Optionally, if you are having trouble with the “bulk enable” step above, you could try to enable each plugin one by one.

Once you identify the problematic plugin or plugins, see if they have been updated. If they have, delete the ones on your server and replace with the newer versions. Hopefully that will work. Otherwise, just leave the bad plugins de-activated until they are updated.

Source: HighTechDad

Few seconds after doing that, everything turns out OK and back to normal. Alhamdulillah 🙂