Streamyx Promo ~ Free PC/Netbook


Last 2 years, HP ngan streamyx ada buat promo free PC untuk sesape yang subscribe streamyx. Well, aku salah sorang daripadanye. Tapi promo tu dah pun tamat last year. But guess what? diorang relaunch balik promo ni!!

Its really worth it kalau korang just nakkan standard PC for browsing coz the specs dia is very basic. The fee will be deducted from your CC as an monthly installment (ezPay for Maybankad).

Say for an example, kalau korang amik RM 99 per month, your CC will be charged RM 99.. while RM 25 for telephone monthly rental fee will be charged to your Telekom’s bill. So, consider worth lagi laa.. if nak comparekan to BB (BlockBuster) deal, this one tentu arah dapat PC free.

Unless, if korang nak up sket spec, ade additional of RM 29.90 on the monthly installment. Ikut pada bajet masingยฒ

Here’s the ads untuk rujukan korang (click to enlarge):