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Between PC & PP?

Image from Berita Harian

Image from Berita Harian Online

Polycarbonate infant milk bottles containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) will be outlawed from March 1 next year.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Cabinet had decided to ban such milk bottles due to BPA’s risk to infant hormone systems. (taken from The Star Online).

After all these years.. kenape la baru sekarang nak haramkan? dan yang peliknye kenape mesti 1 year duration? if nak jaga pengeluar² botol dari rugi je then what about consumers? Straight fact; dah bende tu ban sebabkan side effect dia, kenape nak continue lagi?

Anyway, nak identify botol ni actually tak susah mane pun. In fact, those yang labeled BPA free should be considered safe. Here are some facts which are good to know . . .

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Death is certain – poem


I stumble upon this poem from my company’s intranet portal this morning. After reading it through, I feel it is worthy to share to you all as a reminder that death is certain and nobody can escape from it.

This poem is woven around the following Quran verse:

Wherever you be death will overtake you out, even if you be in towers strong and lofty.

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Satukan hati dengan Iman

Dua bilah kayu disatukan dengan paku.  Dua ketul bata disatukan dengan simen. Dua hati di satukan dengan apa?

Jawabnya, dengan iman.

Dua hati yang beriman akan mudah disatukan. Jika  dua hati mengingati yang SATU, pasti mudah keduanya bersatu. Begitulah  dua hati suami dan isteri, akan mudah bersatu bila iman di dalam diri  masing-masing sentiasa disuburkan.

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